2023 Oklahoma State football schedule

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys are scheduled to play seven home games in the 2023 football season. The season opener is against Central Arkansas on September 2, followed by a home game against South Alabama on September 16. These non-conference games will give the Cowboys an opportunity to fine-tune their game plan and build momentum for the rest of the season.

In early October, the Cowboys will play back-to-back home games against Big 12 opponents, Kansas State on October 6 and Kansas on October 14. These games are crucial for the Cowboys as they compete for a conference championship and a potential spot in a bowl game.

Later in the season, the Cowboys will face Cincinnati on October 28 in what promises to be a challenging game. Cincinnati is a top team in the American Athletic Conference and will be a strong test for the Cowboys.

The most anticipated game of the season is on November 4, when the Oklahoma State Cowboys will face their in-state rivals, the Oklahoma Sooners, in the Bedlam Series. This is always a highly competitive and emotional game, and both teams will be looking to secure a victory.

Finally, the Cowboys will play their last home game of the season against BYU on November 25. This game will be an opportunity for the Cowboys to finish the regular season on a high note and build momentum for the postseason.

Overall, the Oklahoma State Cowboys have a challenging and exciting schedule for the 2023 football season, with key matchups against strong opponents and important conference games.

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